Going to the Gun Shop Could Kill You

What would you do if we told you that zombie apocalypse is not a figment of your imagination and there is a possibility that we will live “The Walking Dead” for real? Yes, experts have revealed that a zombie outbreak could happen through various reasons and some of them are out of a science-fiction novel.

First things first, DON’T PANIC!

While the internet is full of helpful survival tips, not all of them are effective. The following are the five survival tactics that sound legit but could actually lead to your death that you should avoid.


Survival Tactic 1: Going to the gun shop

When a zombie outbreak strikes, you might think, you should go get a gun to protect yourself. Thus you might run, to the nearest gun shop. This could be a fatal move! Other people will think the same thing. Moreover, there is a big chance that you will not be able to buy a gun as most shop owners will be selfish and keep the arms to themselves.


Stock up on weapons beforehand. Acquire long range, short range, and melee weapons in preparation of the zombie apocalypse.

Survival Tactic 2: Evacuating the city ASAP

Do not evacuate immediately. It will be chaotic out there as everyone tries to get out of the city. All main roads will be deadlocked. Taking a cue from the word, you will be DEAD in the fresh meat buffet in the road for the zombies!


Either lay low or use the back roads. Get a map and sit down with your family to plan your escape in the unlikely event of zombie attack. Map out your own trail to safety that will not be explored by other people.

Survival Tactic 3: Making a fortress

When you cannot fight back the zombies, they strengthen their defense. Some people’s initial reaction is to buy supplies then lock all doors and windows to keep the zombies out. You could be locking yourself in if you do this.


Lay low for a while and have a contingency plan on how to escape when your supplies ran out. Zombies can wait forever but your supplies cannot last a lifetime.

Survival Tactic 4: Fighting the zombies

If you are an inexperienced fighter, why fight the undead? Are you trying to commit suicide? Zombies are basically immortal as they only perish if you destroy their brains. But their weakness is that they move slowly towards their prey. This will buy you some time to escape. Do not waste time fighting off the zombies as swarms will eventually catch you.


Run! There is nothing left to do but to run for your life. Be on the move to find a safer place. If a zombie finds you, keep moving! If there is no choice but to fight, aim for the leg or pelvis that will further slow them down. Do not aim on the head if you are not an expert marksman.

Survival Tactic 5: Going alone

Another dumb thing you can do during a zombie apocalypse is to head out on your own. You become an easy target for the zombies


Be in groups. It is better if you go with people with different talents and abilities. For example, one is good in using guns and other firearms or weapons and another is a medical practitioner that knows first aid that are both essential for your survival.

Although a zombie apocalypse is something we often see in sci-fi films and novels, preparation is the key for survival. Take a look at the full infographic: 7 Popular Zombie Survival Tactics That Will Get You Killed here: https://www.mikesgearreviews.com/zombie-survival-get-killed/ , presented by https://www.mikesgearreviews.com